About The Magic Sea

The Magic Sea is a photography site about wildlife or perhaps it is a travel site about wine or maybe it is a wine travel site with wildlife photography, not really sure. It all started with travel. You see I have lived in 5 states, visited 50, lived in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, Fiji, Borneo, Truk, and Australia, also traveled the rest of the world along the way. As long as I was living and visiting all those wondrous places, why not take a few photos, hence the photography, with animals being my favorite subject. The wine, you ask, well as one ages, taste change and mature. Fine wine has become more than a joy, it has become a reason to travel, so we often choose places because we can combine wine with other reasons to travel, like New Zealand and Hobbits, or South Africa and lions. So when you The Magic Sea, expect to find photos, feel free to watch the slide shows and ignore everything else, but if you do read expect to find information on where to stay and which vineyards we especially like. We prefer B&Bs, so most places to stay will be small and intimate, but occasionally we will give you insider info based on multiple visits (after half a dozen visits to Kruger Park, I have figured out a few things). Vineyards, of course we love finding the small boutique wineries off the beaten track, think Rickety Bridge in SA or Bell Hill in NZ, but certainly the well known vineyards got that way because they are doing something right. We hope you enjoy the site, feel free to email questions, I try to answer emails promptly.

Bob & Suzanne

Wildlife, Wine, and Wandering

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